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    The peace-loving Volzuc offer passage through their stable wormhole to any and all comers. And while the Federation sees the advantages to resettling the Romulan refugees far from Federation space, they are late to the game. The year is 2384 and it's time to return to the Gamma Quadrant.


    Starfleet Command is headquartered in San Fransico, CA, and plays host to all of the various departments needed to keep Starfleet running and relevant.


    They rained death upon our fleets and cities one by one, and the Battlestar Prometheus was either damned or lucky to have slipped through their Great Plan. Seconds, minutes hours that saved us? We don't know. Thank or Damn the Lords of Kobol as you see fit. Right now, our purpose is clear.


    The USS Sojourner seeks the unknown in the uncharted territories of the Delta Quadrant.